Featured members
Super Seniors of the Social League

Playing golf with these ladies is always a pleasure.  They are some of our senior (over 80 years old)  members of our league.  From left are Betty Zimmerman, Lucy Lewis, Mary Zelhofer, Ginny Eckman, and  Gretchen Hewett.       

Connie Manzer, Diane Hardin, and Maggie Olson
Being paired with these three for golf can make the outing so much better!
Dianne has a knack for providing just the right amount of timely support and encouragement without being patronizing.  Add to that the other two's enjoyable companionship, and day on the course is fun, no matter what.
                                                        Lucy Lewis                     

  If you have been paired with Lucy Lewis (2nd from left above), you are lucky indeed!  Even though she shared that she is in her mid-80's, she hit the ball
long and straight, never once whined or complained, and played all 18 holes. Afterwards, she is one of several who stop for a drink and lunch after golfing.
We are so glad she is part of our league!!                                                        

Good-bye Susan Ohlrich!

Former president Susan Ohlrich, shown on the right, golfed for the final time with our league on June 25 at Desoto.   She and her husband have sold their home here and are relocating to Arizona.  We will miss her friendliness, faithfulness, and all she did for the Social League.   She was president of the league for two years.  She is shown here with two other former presidents of the league, Sandy Jasicki and Bobbie Starcevich. 

 Last year's Newcomer's Coffee was where good friends Marianne Kaercher and Ellen Tucker met.  Nearly every week during the season, they played golf together, so it just seemed natural that when one was approached about heading up the social events, they opted to share the duty. We are so glad they did!  Be sure to thank them for the work they do to plan this year's activities

Katie Perrie, (not to be confused with the rock star Katy Perry) pictured third from left, joined the Social League for the last 3 months of the 2013 Season.   We enjoyed having her with us as she golfed each week and as she socialized with her new friends in our league. Before she left, she expressed her appreciation for our league through a letter submitted to The HSV Voice.     We were thrilled with her unsolicited comments and posted it here: 

    My husband and I are full time RVers and we decided to park the RV for three months and enjoy the true Hot Springs Village experience.  We enjoyed many of the activities offered, but one group truly stands out, The Hot Springs Village WGA Social League.  It provided an excellent experience from start to finish.  I found the group online, signed up online, and was welcomed so warmly by everyone I met in this league.  Any problem they quickly found a solution.  I got to golf from the week I arrived until the end of the season.  Every week I got to meet new members and everyone was fun to play with.  From the myriad activities we enjoyed in HSV, the WGA Social League in its organization, leadership and process and procedures is, without a doubt, the “best ambassadors” for this wonderful community.

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Perrie

Outgoing president Susan Ironside was presented with
a gift of appreciation for her many hours serving
as president of the Social League by Marianne Kaercher.


Susan B. Komen Rally for Cure:



                     Again this year, Pattie Melik, President Susan Ironside, and Gail Graber have been
instrumental in planning and organizing the Rally for the Cure.
Susan's job as president has kept her busy promoting league activities the past two years, even when she has not been physically able to golf. 
Thanks for all you do

      Joy Stefan has been a long-time member of our league and has served as pairings chair for several years.  She does her best to accomodate requests for specific tee times or partners.   Thanks, Joy, for the many hours you spend getting our tee times scheduled.